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Arlington SEO

What can you expect from an Arlington SEO expert? The short answer is that they can help improve your visibility in the search engines, which means that more people who are looking for products and services like yours will come across your website. Obviously, this is good for sales and, when executed properly, brand reputation.

Most businesses aren't aware of how the search engines work, and are understandably skeptical of an SEO's ability to accomplish these goals. This is why it's helpful to understand a few things about how Arlington SEO works. It's also useful to understand that, in some cases, your skepticism is warranted.

SEOs You Should Avoid

Here are a few red flags to look for before you choose an Arlington SEO.

1. Automation - All SEOs use automation to some degree. The real question is whether any content or links are being generated automatically. Any time a piece of software is being used to "write" articles or post comments, you should be very concerned. Search engines are becoming increasingly good at spotting these cheats and any benefits they provide are almost certainly short term.

2. Manipulation - The most effective SEOs see link building as a form of marketing, not as a way of manipulating the search results. Understanding how the algorithms work is important, but an excessive focus on gaming the algorithm in its current incarnation can be detrimental in the long term.

What an Arlington SEO Can Do For You

Here are a few things you should expect to hear from your Arlington SEO:

1. Content is King - It's a cliche but it's true. Content that isn't great doesn't get linked to, and content that doesn't get linked to doesn't show up in the search results. Bad content can sometimes rank well if links are gamed, but ultimately this hurts your brand's reputation and can even get you removed from the search engines entirely.

2. Keyword Prioritization - A good SEO can identify what your potential customers are searching for. They should be able to estimate the popularity of that keyword, how high the competition is, and how likely those searchers are to buy something from you.

3. Long Tail - SEOs should also understand that not all efforts should be focused on the most popular keywords. The vast majority of searches belong to the "long tail," which is an enormous number of less popular keywords that together make up most of the search traffic. A good optimizer understands how to attract this long tail traffic and use it to grow your business.