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Portland SEO

Portland SEO

Companies that specialize in Portland SEO services are geared toward bringing more localized traffic to your website. With nearly half of the web searches on Google being for local goods and services, it makes sense for you to optimize your website so that it helps you find new customers in your local area.

Portland, OR Website Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is all about tapping into what people are already looking for and matching your goods and services to their searches. You do this by choosing specific keywords and phrases for your site. When people type in a certain string of words (keywords) into a search engine and you use that same string of words on your website, their chances of finding you in the sea of millions of sites on the web are much greater. Portland SEO experts know how to use these keywords to your best advantage and can advise you on how to use this practice in your internet marketing efforts. They'll also ensure that the traffic coming to your website and ultimately to your brick and mortar business are in the Portland, Oregon area—an important factor if you're establishing a new business in the local area.

Optimizing Your Business

Getting the Portland search engine optimization for your website up and running may require you to get outside help. There are many experts who know how to use elements like a website's titles, videos, meta tags, and keyword phrases to bring people to your site. Many people unfamiliar with search engine optimization don't understand that this type of marketing is different from the marketing they do in media like the local TV station or at a magazine. People use keywords to find what they're looking for on the web unlike other types of advertising. The closer your keywords match their search and the more tightly you work these elements together to create good keyword density, the better shot you have at getting these leads.

Getting a Quote

Hiring an expert actually helps save you time and money as you work on your Portland SEO efforts. They'll tap into your business expertise and describe it on your site using the keywords that your customers would use when searching for goods and services like yours. A marketing consultant specializing in web optimization can give you a price quote that will help you work internet marketing into your budget and your overall marketing plan. Once you do that, people in your local area searching on sites like Bing, Yahoo, Internet Explorer, or Google will better be able to find you, because you've optimized your site specifically for Portland SEO instead of just using generic terms.