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Bakersfield SEO

Bakersfield SEO

What is the purpose of Bakersfield SEO? Search engine optimization is all about putting your site where people can find it: close to the top of the search engine results. Despite the popularity of social media, advertising, and email marketing, most users still find out about new sites by performing a search on Google or one of their competitors.

How does a Bakersfield SEO improve your rankings in the search results? Understanding the answer first requires an understanding of some of the ways that the search engines rank sites.

The Basics of Search Algorithms

- Links - Ever since the inception of Google, links have been an integral part of the algorithm. Since it's easy for a site owner to simply stuff their pages with keywords, the search engines realized that it would be better to determine the relevance and importance of a site based on things that the site owner couldn't easily control themselves.

The most prominent factor is links. When a site links to you, it is considered a vote of confidence in your site. The content of the sites that link to you, and the text that they use when they link to you, are used to determine what your pages are about.

- Titles - Perhaps the second most important factor search engines take into consideration is the title tag, which is the title that shows up in the search results. if they keyword is found in this title tag, it increases the chances that your site will rank.

- Site Structure - On page and on site factors like the way pages are linked together and the way the pages are coded can have a strong impact on the search results as well.

What a Bakersfield SEO Can Do For You

- Keyword Research - First and foremost, a Bakersfield SEO can determine what your potential customers are searching for. They can identify which keywords will attract traffic, which have too much competition, and which have the highest ROI.

- Link Building - SEOs are skilled at finding ways to attract and build links to your site in ways that will help improve your search engine rankings.

- Site Design - The layout and design of a site has a great deal to do with how well it will rank.

- Content Production - Virtually all link building tactics rely on the production of content, so most SEOs are skilled at producing content as well.

These services are all necessary for the highest possible success for your company's website. They are time consuming and can be difficult to learn how to do though, which is why your best option is to hire a Bakersfield SEO expert to do the work. SEO involves continuous updating, and a firm will know exactly how to manage the SEO for your site now and over time.
Bakersfield SEO